The Life and Legacy of William Tyndale

In Church, History, Scripture on October 6, 2008 at 9:32 pm

Martyrdom of Tyndale, courtesy of the Antwerp Museum

Click here for today’s feature:

On October 6, 1536, one of the most significant figures in Church history was first bound to the stake, strangled, then burned.  His crime: translating the Bible into English.  This feature includes Dr. David Daniell, author of a wonderful biography as well as a history of the English Bible.  Moody Bible Institute’s Gregg Quiggle also participates in this feature.


There were a number of interview excerpts I was unable to include due to time restrictions.

Click here for Gregg Quiggle on the importance of seeing the Church’s control of scriptures in the middle ages as something more than just a conspiracy to conceal the truth:

Click here for Dr. Daniell’s perspective on modern English translations:

Click here for Dr. Daniell’s explanation of Tyndale’s impact on a few specific early English translations:

Dr. Daniell has also helped in a reproduction of Tyndale’s New Testament and Tyndale’s Old Testament.


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