Ethnomusicology and Ethnodoxology

In Church, Culture on February 18, 2009 at 9:57 pm


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What comes to mind when you think of “worship music?” Some might think of organs and the great hymns of the faith, while others may think of guitars, drum kits and praise bands. In this feature you are going to meet a couple people who think of something completely different when considering the music of worship, something they call “ethnodoxology.”

Guests include Dr. Elizabeth Naegele (Professor of Sacred Music, Coordinator of Organ Instruction and Ethnomusicology at the Moody Bible Institute) and Paul Neeley (President of International Council of Ethnodoxologists).

The music used in today’s feature is from Sounds of Global Worship II from Heart Sound International, available here.

  1. Wonderful interview! I’m delighted to see some attention being drawn to this important subject.

  2. Hi.
    Ve3ry interesting, I have a friend in Togo dedicated to preserving Kabiye Music in a worship context. All this work is very important and all ethnic forms of worship (especially here in the UK) are in danger of being swamped out by modernism.

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