Comet Lulin

In Science on March 4, 2009 at 7:44 pm

Lulin, photo courtesy of Astronomy2009

Click here for today’s feature:

In July, 2007, a teenager in the mountains of Taiwan discovered comet C2007 N3.  Astronomers report that its nucleus is about 600 miles across and is releasing 800 gallons of water every second—which is enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every 13 minutes.

It’s already on its way out of the solar system, but its green glow will still be visible in the south eastern sky for a few more days. This feature with Dr. Ron Samec, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Bob Jones University, comes with this look at this very intriguing traveler.  

For the complete story of Comet Lulin and a chart of its movement across the sky from Sky and Telescope, click here.


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