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A Proper View of the Christian Life

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Jesus at the Pharisee’s Table, courtesy of the Library of Congress

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As believers we sometimes struggle with how to view the Christian life.  We know we stand forgiven, so should we forget our past failures and merely delight in God’s grace or remind ourselves of these evidences of our sinful nature?

This conversation with Rev. Terry Johnson, Senior Minister of Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, GA, takes a look at this important question from God’s word.

Terry’s article entitled: “Chief of Sinners,” is from the May 2009 edition of Tabletalk Magazine, available through Ligonier Ministries.

Grace Relations: A Conversation with Dr. A. Charles Ware

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HANDS courtesy of the Library of Congress

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On this day in 1992, riots began in Los Angeles following the acquittal of police officers charged with excessive force in the beating of Rodney King. In the 2 decades since, racial tensions continue to be a sensitive topic as the church looks for ways to build bridges and bring about reconciliation.

This feature is a conversation with Dr. A. Charles Ware, President of Crossroads Bible College in Indianapolis, IN, about the importance of grace in healing the wounds of the past.

For more information about his book: Darwin’s Plantation (Master Books, 2007), click here.

Pew Forum Study on US Religious Affiliations

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photo courtesy of the Library of Congress 

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Yesterday the Pew Foundation released the results of a new survey on the religious affiliations of Americans and the shifts taking place in the U.S. faith landscape. The study looks at religious retention as well as reasons behind changes in denominational and religious allegiances. This report features Gregory Smith of the Pew Forum and Dr. Tim Sisk of the Moody Bible Institute’s Department of World Missions and Evangelism.

The complete report is available from the Pew Forum website.

The Gospel Coalition

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Last week, 3200 pastors and lay-leaders attended the Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. The theme this year was Entrusted With the Gospel, taken from the book of 2 Timothy. This feature includes Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Mark Driscoll, Edward Copeland and Stephen Um; all pastors who are on the Gospel Coalition Council.

The feature ends with a 2-minute montage of speakers from this year’s conference.  In order of appearance: John Piper, Tim Keller, Ligon Duncan, Bryan Chapell and D.A. Carson.


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Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

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William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died 52 years later on April 23rd, 1616. While almost everyone agrees on the influence of his works on English literature, there are many strong disagreements about his life, legacy and faith. This conversation with Dr. Leland Ryken, Professor of English at Wheaton College, examines his work and impact that Christianity had on his work.

Audio excerpts are from the following YouTube videos: Henry the V (1993),  Sonnet no. 16 , Hamlet (1990) and MacBeth (1983)

Tending Your Garden: Wisdom for the Keeper at Home

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Motherhood has been compared to many things. A recent CNN story equated it to a 12-step program. A comedian once said that motherhood was like a trip to Albania—you can’t trust the descriptions in the travel brochure, you have to go there to find out what it’s really like, and by then you’re committed.

This conversation with Denise Sproul, mother of 7 and wife of R.C. Sproul, Jr., takes a look at her new book: Tending Your Garden: Wisdom for Keepers at Home, published by Tolle Lege Press.

The book is available through the Highland Study Center website.

Well Aimed Prayers

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Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

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Most of us pray before a meal, when we’re in trouble or when asked to remember the health needs of those around us, yet often we struggle in praying for much more. This conversation with Rev. John Sartelle, Senior Minister at Tates Creek Presbyterian Church in Lexington, KY, looks at a passge found in First Timothy with instruction on how we should be praying as Christians.

This conversation is based on Rev. Sartelle’s upcoming article in the May edition of TableTalk Magazine entitled: “Well Aimed Prayers,” available from Ligoneir Ministries.

School Shootings and Gun Control Laws

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On April 20th, 1999, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris entered Columbine High School in Littleton, CO, armed with shot guns and pipe bombs. Before killing themselves, they murdered 12 students and 1 teacher. In the 10 years since the tragedy, there have been 30 other school shootings. Each time, the debate over gun control resurfaces.

The feature also includes excerpts from a 1999 Moody Radio broadcast shortly after the tragedy.  Pastors Gino Geraci and Craig Steiner bring an important conclusion to this feature for us as believers from that broadcast.

This feature looks at the impact school shootings have had on gun control legislation with author, pastor and lawyer Randy Singer.


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“Capture of the Whydah,” courtesy of the Field Museum in Chicago, IL

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Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of attention given to the continued problem of piracy off the coast of Africa. Pirates have been a common theme in popular culture ever since Robert Louis Stevenson’s book: Treasure Island.  Since then, stories about Peter Pan, Long John Silver, and Pirates of the Caribbean illustrate our fascination with these outlaws of the high seas.

This report focuses on a new exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum that explores the real story of pirates through the recovery and preservation of one particular ship, the Whydah.

Guests include Tom Skwerski, project manager for exhibitions at the Field Museum and Scott Demel, archeologist in the department of anthropology at the Field Museum.

Click here for more information about the Real Pirates Exhibition at the Field Museum.

Tax Day Tea Parties

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photo courtesy of NECN.com

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Yesterday, all across the nation tax day tea parties were organized to protest government spending and unfair taxation.  News coverage and commentary has been mixed, but mostly negative.  This conversation with Cisco Cotto, co-host of John and Cisco in the Morning on WIND AM, takes a look at the events of the day and their possible impact.

News clips courtesy of The Daily Show and CNN.