The Widows Might

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Click here for today’s feature:

Last night I took my family to the national theatrical premiere of a new independent film entitled: The Widow’s Might, produced by a home school family in Texas. While it’s 92-theatre release may be small compared to some films, it illustrates the potential of an emerging generation of young Christian filmmakers outside of the Hollywood system.

This report features interviews with John Moore, the director of The Widow’s Might, Isaac Botkin, one of the organizers of the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival and Jerry Dalton, President of Dalton Pictures.

Click here for a listing of theatres showing The Widow’s Might this week.

DVDs will be available through HeuMoore productions later this summer.

  1. Saw the movie last night in Mobile AL. It was awesome!!!! Way to go guys!!!

  2. We saw the movie at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in January–it is a total delight! It has become my new all-time favorite movie! Don’t miss it if you’re close to a screening today through Saturday–or be sure to catch the DVD. It is truly God-honoring in the most beautiful way. The amazing talent on display powerfully glorifies the God who created creativity.

  3. My son and I went to see it Saturday and it was fantastic and astounding. It was the caliber of Fireproof, Flywheel and Facing the Giants. I learned about it by being in a homeschooler newsgroup and otherwise would not have heard about it. It showed once in one town here in Wisconsin last Saturday. The theater was packed and when the movie finished, nobody got up. We all just sat there in stunned silence for five minutes before we could move. People ask me to categorize the movie. I say, “it is a musical, a comedy, a documentary, a drama and an uplifting spiritual movie! If you look at the grassroots effort that Flywheel began with, it reminds me of how this came about and clearly shows that families want more Christian based independent films out there! http://www.widowsmightthemovie.com/

  4. I have preordered a copy and am waiting
    for it to arrive at my door…

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