Thinking of Homeschooling?

In Church, Culture, Family, General Interest, Scripture on May 29, 2009 at 9:09 pm


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If you’re a parent, chances are as the school year comes to a close you’re already looking to the fall; figuring out the best education options for your kids. With social troubles on the rise in many of our nation’s public schools and the budget crunches making tuition more difficult for many families to meet, more and more parents are taking a second look at homeschooling as an option.

This feature with Kevin Swanson, Executive Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado and Director of Generations with Vision, and Christopher Klicka, Senior Counsel of the Home School Legal Defense Association, takes a look at some of the questions facing those making this important decision.

Kevin Swanson’s book: Upgrade: Ten Secrets to the Best Education for your Child is an excellent resource for parents wrestling with education questions, whether homeschooling or not. It is available through his website.

Christopher Klicka’s book: Homeschool Heroes is a wonderful overview of the many struggles early homeschooling pioneers faced to make it possible today. It is available through the HSLDA website.

For more information about the ICHE Annual Convention, click here.


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