Wycliffe – Part III: Checking a Translation

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Translation consulting
Translation Consulting, Tanzania 2009
photo courtesy of Scott Toncray

Click here for today’s feature (part 3 of 5):

All this week, I’m focusing on the Bible Translation work of Wycliffe. Yesterday we learned how they are using new approaches (clustering) and technology (Adapt It) to dramatically accelerate the translation process.

Today we’re introduced to the process of verifying the Bible translations for quality and accuracy.

Today’s piece features the following guests:

  1. Tim Gilmore – Mara Cluster Team Leader, Uganda-Tanzania Branch
  2. Liz Thomson – Comprehensive Project Manager of Scripture Access for All, Uganda-Tanzania Branch
  3. George Payton – Translation Consultant, Uganda-Tanzania Branch
  4. Mary Breeze – Africa Area Translation Coordinator and a Translation Consultant
  5. Michelle Smith – Translation Assistant, Uganda-Tanzania Branch
  6. Paulinus George Kitende – National Translator, Kwaya tribe

If you’d like more information on how you can ppartner with Wycliffe Bible Translators, you can visit thier website: http://www.wycliffe.org or visit their blog at: http://wycliffeusa.wordpress.com

  1. Just to mention as two of your six guests are British, it would be good to mention the Wycliffe UK website (wycliffe.org.uk) as well as the Wycliffe USA one. Thanks!

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