Healing for the Transgender Convert

In Church, Culture, Current Events on June 18, 2009 at 9:23 pm

Woman at the well
“Come, see a Man who told me all things that I ever did…”
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Last week, Chastity Bono—daughter of Sonny and Cher—revealed that she had begun the process of gender reassignment to a man, and that she’s changing her name to Chaz. The announcement has brought renewed attention to the transgendered community, and the story has generated a lot of coverage this week across the media.

Today’s feature focuses on how to reach out to those who have come out of this lifestyle and placed their faith in Christ. How can we as the church reach out to them and walk along side them as they learn what it means to be transformed by the renewing of their minds and to help them find their true identity in Christ.

Guests include Dr. Russell Moore, Dean of the School of Theology for the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Randy Thomas, Executive Vice President of Exodus International.

To read Randy’s testimony, it is available through the Exodus International Website.

For Dr. Moore’s article: “Joan or John?”, it is available through his website.

  1. Please, allow me to speak my mind? I believe that unless you have lived an alternative lifestyle and been brought back from the edge, there is really no way to effectively assist people with authentic healing in their hearts, minds and souls.

    God spoke into my life in a moment of tortured, suicidal prayer but I then had to journey through the myriad issues of an abused person in order to emerge once again attached to an identity that was so painful. This has taken me the better part of 20 years to accomplish.

    I was loved back to life. I wasn’t lectured or preached back to life! People listened as I unwound the wounded child that hid away in ‘Sandy’ for almost 40 years.

    Think about the kind of life that Chastity Bono must have had! Think about how much pain that young woman is in.

    I recently spent time with a Pastor from Michigan that was living and had lived her life as a man for 20 years. One year later, she is living her life as God wishes and while the journey is still very painful for her I shudder to think, as when she reached out to me she was 3 weeks away from surgery.

    People are hurting to an extent that they have become detached from who they are and are seeking the ‘easy’ path through surgery, rather than dealing with the pain of abuse, neglect,……etc.

    I have a difficult life at times, but it is an honest life lived because God took the time to speak into my life.

    Bless everyone that is hurting and may we all find the courage to love even those that we don’t/can’t understand.

    Murray Nord

    • I understand your comment and am grateful that you would leave it here. I must disagree slightly with your first assertion however. While I may not know first hand the depths to which the gracious Savior reached down to pull you up, that does not mean that God cannot use someone unfamiliar with those things to assist people through the issues they face. Thankfully it is God’s work through His word, through His people and through His Spirit. Men who know nothing of my personal struggles can speak a word into my life that God uses to bless me and encourage me, even when they have no idea what they’ve said. Someone who has never struggled with lust can still faithfully open God’s word and healing will flow. My children, who have yet to face the pressures of life can challenge me to look at something in a way I never would have seen.

      So while I might not be able to empathize with you and your struggle specifically, thankfully we serve a God that is much bigger than any of the problems we face and as we learn to love Him more and serve Him with our whole heart, our differences of perspective and starting places fade away as we learn to love one another and experience the grace and peace that only he can give.

      May God prove to be a high and strong tower that will protect you and sustain you through the years ahead.



  2. Hi I am middle aged transsexual.I had sex reassignment surgery in 1997 to female & there is no way to undo what has been done. Fortunately for me I Believe in Christ as my savior. A couple of concerns – The term “Trans gender” is a “catch all” modern mainstream phrase to describe a variety of gender conflicts the most common assumption being gay and part of the gay community. Unfortunately one size does not fit all. One very strong physical effect from sex reassignment (particularly the orchindectomy) is losing the physical desire for lust. I am abstinent,not part of the gay community and appalled at the hedonistic evil sexuality has become. I’m more comfortable being described as a Eunuch. Also left out in common mainstream Trans gender descriptions are those born with ambiguous genitalia or inter sexed. Sometimes these people are surgically and physiologically corrected against their will. In summation these comments are to enlighten;not defend or justify. Transsexualism is different than the struggle against homosexuality and trans gender is a catch all phrase. Thank you for reading my comments.

    • Thank you for your comments. One of the things that didn’t make it into the feature was a comment from Russell Moore describing the Christian convert who had had a reassignment surgery as a Eunuch. While there is nothing that can be done to completely reverse the things done to the body in this process, I thought there was great wisdom in doing those things that could be done–including a return to seeing yourself (or identifying your self) as God created you and awaiting (like everyone other follower of Christ) His return and complete transforming work in our lives.

      May God’s grace and peace is evident in your life as you strive to follow Him with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength.

  3. Rebecca commites on there is no way to “undo it is true” but you should go back to your God given male id. It can be done I did it five years ago after surgery and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t believe for one minute that you can’t do it Male hormones must be taken on small doses but please go for it.

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