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The Life and Legacy of Andrew Melville

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Earlier this month we celebrated the 500th birthday of John Calvin.  His legacy continues today partially due to the many reformers who came later and further refined and promoted the ideas of the reformation; one such reformer from 16th century Scotland is Andrew Melville.

Today’s guests include:

1. James McDonald, Pastor of Providence Church near Peoria, IL
2. Rev. Ronald Mackenzie, retired minister with the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Click here to read a lecture by Ronald Mackenzie on the “Life of Andrew Melville” (a pdf).

Click here for The Life of Andrew Melville the Scottish Reformer (1840) by Thomas M’Crie from Google Books.

A Conversation with Robert E. Hage

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A testimony is a powerful thing.  When we listen to the stories of how God transforms the lives of everyday people we are encouraged to consider how God continues to be at work in our lives as well.

This feature is based on a recent conversation I had with Robert E. Hage, an aeronautical engineer who began his life by considering the heavens and ended up finding the Creator.

Bob’s autobiography When I Consider the Heavens was published in 2003 by Fair Havens Publishing and is available at amazon.com.


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According to the National Center for Education, there are more than 2 million children educated at home in the US today. While homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, there are ongoing legal and legislative battles; like the well known case which occurred last year in California when the Second Appellate District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles effectively banned homeschooling in that state by requiring teaching certificates for any parents involved in the home education of their children.

The California decision was later reversed, but there are still dozens of other regulatory challenges facing the home school community in the US. This conversation with Home School Legal Defense Association President Michael Smith looks at some of these cases as well provides some advice for new homeschooling famlies.

HSLDA has a website just for new homeschoolers: www.youcanhomeschool.org

The Public Funding of Planned Parenthood

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Last week the House of Representatives defeated an amendment introduced by Indiana Republican Mike Pence, which would have stopped taxpayers from funding the country’s leading abortion provider: Planned Parenthood.

According to a press release from the Family Research Council, Planned Parenthood made over $1 billion last year—with a third of that coming from the US Taxpayer. While the recent amendment was defeated, there are a growing number of voices opposing the public funding of this organization.

Guests include: Matt Yonke, Assistant Communications Director for the ProLife Action League, Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor at the Fairpark Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX, and Dr. Charline Youst, President of American’s United for Life.

If you’d like to contact your representatives in Congress regarding your position on the public funding of Planned Parenthood, click here for how to reach them.

To watch former IL Senator Obama’s entire speech before the Planned Parenthood event in 2007, it is available here (courtesy of YouTube).

Finally, I produced a feature last year on the history of Planned Parenthood, if you’d like to listen to that piece, click here.

A Teachable Spirit

In Church, Scripture on July 27, 2009 at 9:59 pm

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Most of us spend time in the scriptures on a regular basis. Some of us find a quiet spot each morning, while others gather the family around the table after a meal. Whether you participate in structured reading program, or a more flexible one, how can we better understand and respond to what we read?

Justin Taylor, Editorial Director of Crossway Books and Bibles in Wheaton, IL, helps us answer this question.

His article entilted: A Teachable Spirit was published in the June 2009 edition of Table Talk Magazine.

Jupiter’s Impact

In Current Events, Science on July 24, 2009 at 7:52 pm

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Last weekend an object slammed into the planet Jupiter. While the impact itself was unobserved, the resulting scar can still be seen by backyard astronomers. Jupiter’s growing black spot is now about the size of our own planet.

This feature with Dr. Donald DeYoung, Astronomer and Chair of the Physical Science Department at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN, looks at this giant of a planet and the impact event causing such a stir.

Adoption Highlighted on MTV Reality Show

In Church, Culture, Current Events, Family, General Interest on July 23, 2009 at 8:56 pm

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For almost 30 years, MTV has produced television programming for youth. Over that time, their programs have often pushed the envelope and frequently crossed lines of appropriateness and good taste. Yet recently, a Christian organization joined up with MTV to reach out with a strong pro-life message of adoption with their program “16 and Pregnant.”

This feature highlights the work that Bethany Christian Services is doing to reach out to those facing unplanned pregnancies. Guests include Marc Andreas, Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Sandra McClaughlin, Executive Director for Bethany Christian Services in Western Pennsylvania.

Religion and the Oppression of Women

In Church, Culture, Current Events, Family, Religion and Worldviews, Scripture on July 22, 2009 at 9:30 pm

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A group of former world leaders, calling themselves “The Elders,” have suggested that a fundamental cause for the abuse and oppression of women around the world is religion.  Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandella and the other nine “Elders” are calling upon the religions of the world to abandon harmful traditional practices and promote religious and social equality for women and girls.

This conversation with Dr. Kevin Zuber, Professor of Theology at the Moody Bible Institute, examines and answers some of the claims of “The Elders” regarding religion and the oppression of women.

The videos included in today’s feature can be found on their website.

The Great Commission and Building up the Church

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In Matthew 28 we read the words of the great commission: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you.”

For generations, these words have compelled many within the church to participate in the work of evangelism and missions all around the world; but the great commission is about more than conversion, it also calls for the building up of the believer, what we often identify today as “discipleship.”

This piece features: Dr. Peter Mead, Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. K. Edward Copeland.

40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

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photo courtesy of Nasa

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July 16th marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11.  July 20th marks the anniversary of the lunar landing.  

Apollo 11 was the mission that brought man to the surface of the moon for the first time. This feature takes a look at this historic event with Space Historian Andrew Chaikin and Space Enthusiast David Coppedge.

To commemorate this significant event, Andrew Chaikin has published two books, both available through his website:

1. Voices from the Moon. Viking Studio, 2009

2. Mission Control, This is Apollo.  Viking Children, 2009.