The Public Funding of Planned Parenthood

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Click here for today’s feature:

Last week the House of Representatives defeated an amendment introduced by Indiana Republican Mike Pence, which would have stopped taxpayers from funding the country’s leading abortion provider: Planned Parenthood.

According to a press release from the Family Research Council, Planned Parenthood made over $1 billion last year—with a third of that coming from the US Taxpayer. While the recent amendment was defeated, there are a growing number of voices opposing the public funding of this organization.

Guests include: Matt Yonke, Assistant Communications Director for the ProLife Action League, Stephen Broden, Senior Pastor at the Fairpark Bible Fellowship Church, Dallas, TX, and Dr. Charline Youst, President of American’s United for Life.

If you’d like to contact your representatives in Congress regarding your position on the public funding of Planned Parenthood, click here for how to reach them.

To watch former IL Senator Obama’s entire speech before the Planned Parenthood event in 2007, it is available here (courtesy of YouTube).

Finally, I produced a feature last year on the history of Planned Parenthood, if you’d like to listen to that piece, click here.

  1. For more info on Planned Parenthood check out: Maafa21

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