Cynicism vs. Discernment

In Church, Culture, General Interest, Scripture, Testimonies on August 17, 2009 at 9:29 pm


Click here for today’s feature:

In the Christian community today there are tens of thousands of  “faith related blog sites.” Most are for staying connected with friends or family but some can be places of intense criticism of both real and perceived weaknesses in the evangelical church—often under the guise of “spiritual discernment.”

This feature is an informal discussion with three bloggers who say there is a big difference between discernment and what is often behind these blogs…cynicism.

Guests include:
1. Steven Wedgeworth, Assistant Pastor at Immanuel Presbyterian Church (CREC) in Clinton, MS; teaches High School Humanities at the Veritas School in Jackson, MS; and blogger ( Wedgewords)
2. Steve Walden, Freeland Writter and blogger ( Waldenswits)
3. Scotty Smith, Pastor of Preaching, Teaching and Worship at Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN.

The idea for today’s feature came from this recent post on Steven Wedgeworth’s blog.


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