Psalm 104

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“Noah’s Flood” courtesy of Answers in Genesis

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Throughout the history of God’s people, the Psalms have been a wonderful tool for expressing praise, confessing sin and presenting our cares to God; but the Psalms are more than just good devotional reading–they also tell us much about God and the world He created. One such psalm is Psalm 104.

Dr. David Barker, the W.H. MacBain Professor of Pastoral Studies at Heritage Theological Seminary, helps us take a look at this Psalm in order to understand the contention over what it is speaking about: the creation week, the flood or both.

If you’d like to read Dr. Barker’s 1986 article entitled: The Waters of the Earth: An Exigetical Study of Psalm 104:1-9, originally published in the “Grace Theological Journal” (7.1, 57-80), click here.

  1. Thanks Dr. Barker
    Always a pleasure to hear your passion and commitment to God’s word.
    I appreciate your encouragement and motivation to exegete the oringinal language.

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