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History: Reformation Day 2009

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Martin Luther and John Calvin are the two most widely recognized individuals from the reformation, but there are many other forgotten leaders of the reformation that we don’t often hear about. This feature is a conversation looking at a few of these unknown heroes of the reformation. Mr. Greg Quiggle also helps us understand this important time.

The Reformation: A Religious and Historical Sketch is available online from Google books.

Citizen’s Participation Act

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All across the country many states have enacted some version of the Citizens Participation Act, a law intended to protect grass-roots advocates and common citizens from the threat of legal action by big business. A recent case in Illinois demonstrates the weaknesses of this poorly written law as it is being flipped on its head and used by big businesses to intimidate a prolife advocacy group.

Tom Brejcha is President and Chief Counsel Thomas More Society, and Eric Scheidler is Executive Director for the Pro-Life Action League.


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There has been a lot of attention this year on the reformation, and while there were certainly many different factors which led to it, one of the most significant was a return to studying the scriptures in the original languages. In turn, this revival led to translating the Bible into the common languages across Europe.

Dr. Grant Horner is Associate Professor of English at the Master’s College in Santa Clarita, CA.

Click here for a short article from Christian History Magazine on Erasmus from a few years ago.

Education is Spiritual

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home school

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When the Apostle Paul addressed the men of Athens in the book of Acts he asserted our complete dependence on God; that everything in life is “in Him and through Him.” Yet, there are so many areas today where we forget to acknowledge God’s role if not ignore it.   Unfortunately, one such area commonly overlooked is the education of our children.

Michelle Miller is a home schooling mom and the author of Truth Quest History.

Biblical Authority

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Most of us as believers would agree that the scriptures are the ultimate authority in our lives for both doctrine and practice. But often, various camps within Christianity differ on how to apply the scriptures in these areas. This feature takes a look at this issue with Tony Payne, Publishing Director of Mathias Media, and Dr. Gerald Peterman, Chair of the Bible Department at the Moody Bible Institute.

The article discussed in this feature is available through the Mathias Media website.

Inauguration of MBI’s 9th President: Dr. Paul Nyquist

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Earlier today, Dr. Paul Nyquist was inaugurated as the 9th President of the Moody Bible Institute. This feature takes a look at the events of the day.

Click here if you’d like more information about our 9th President or today’s inauguration.

The Healing of Jabez

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A number of years ago a little book burst onto the bestseller’s list entitled: The Prayer of Jabez.

This once forgotten figure, buried in the genealogies of the Chronicles, was at the center of a debate about the believer and prayer. Nearly 10 years later, Jabez has faded back into pages of the Old Testament—but a new book reexamines these two short verses and offers an insight into how God uses pain to bring healing into our lives as His children.

John W. Mauck is the principle attorney for Mauck and Baker, LLC.   He is the author of: The Healing of Jabez: How God Uses Pain to Bring Healing (Credo House Publishing, 2009).

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Public Displays of the 10 Commandments

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Foundations of American Law and Government
Photo courtesy of the Courier Journal

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Earlier today arguments were presented before the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of a Kentucky display on the “Foundations of American Law and Government.” 4 years ago a Judge in Kentucky struck down the display due to the inclusion of the 10 Commandments and the Supreme Court upheld that decision.

This feature is an update on the appeal of this case as well as look at the ongoing struggles regarding the public display of the 10 Commandments.

Guests include:

Col. John Eidsmoe, Legal Counsel for the Foundation for Moral Law
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman of the Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law


Click here to hear Col. Eidsmoe’s comments on some of the other similar cases in the courts right now:

Gospel Growth through People Growth

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For more than 50 years there has been a lot of attention given to church growth models.  The rise of youth programs, ministries to single people, and church outreach events are just a few of the many approaches designed to get people into our churches.

However in recent years, many have realized that something more is needed.  Last week a conference was held at Trinity International University that equated true gospel growth with people growth.

Guests include:

Tony Payne, Publishing Director for Matthias Media
Phillip Jensen, Dean of Sydney and Senior Minister at the St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, Australia.
David Helm, Lead Pastor of the Hyde Park congregation of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago

Encouraging Missionaries

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Many of us support missionaries personally or attend a local church that does. While our financial gifts make their ministry possible what can we do to encourage them in other ways as well?  I recently spoke to a number of missionaries that shared testimonies of supporters who have blessed them in unique ways.

Guests include:

Sarah Harbert, Missionary with the Crescent Project
David Davis, Missionary with TEAM
Candy Gibson, Missionary with World Impact
Nathan Davenport, Missionary/Recruiter for Pioneer Bible Translators
David Hall, Mobilization Director for Worldwide Evangelization for Christ
Tom Ward, Missionary with World Venture

By the way, I found a very helpful blog entry that gives some great tips for sending care packages to missionaries (what to include, what NOT to include, and dozens of suggestions).  More information is available at: www.missionary-blogs.com/missionary-care-package-ideas.html.