Encouraging Missionaries

In Church, Missions, Testimonies on October 16, 2009 at 8:43 pm


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Many of us support missionaries personally or attend a local church that does. While our financial gifts make their ministry possible what can we do to encourage them in other ways as well?  I recently spoke to a number of missionaries that shared testimonies of supporters who have blessed them in unique ways.

Guests include:

Sarah Harbert, Missionary with the Crescent Project
David Davis, Missionary with TEAM
Candy Gibson, Missionary with World Impact
Nathan Davenport, Missionary/Recruiter for Pioneer Bible Translators
David Hall, Mobilization Director for Worldwide Evangelization for Christ
Tom Ward, Missionary with World Venture

By the way, I found a very helpful blog entry that gives some great tips for sending care packages to missionaries (what to include, what NOT to include, and dozens of suggestions).  More information is available at: www.missionary-blogs.com/missionary-care-package-ideas.html.

  1. Hey Paul, enjoyed your feature on encouraging missionaries (I’m one too!) Look up Ed and Linda Speyers, Wycliffe, who are at Moody this week. They have published a little booklet for church missions committees with many ideas for encouraging missionaries. You might feature it on your blog! Thanks for your ministry.

  2. Thank you so much for running this, my family and supporters will be really grateful! and I loved listening to this with all my friends!

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