The Healing of Jabez

In Scripture on October 22, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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A number of years ago a little book burst onto the bestseller’s list entitled: The Prayer of Jabez.

This once forgotten figure, buried in the genealogies of the Chronicles, was at the center of a debate about the believer and prayer. Nearly 10 years later, Jabez has faded back into pages of the Old Testament—but a new book reexamines these two short verses and offers an insight into how God uses pain to bring healing into our lives as His children.

John W. Mauck is the principle attorney for Mauck and Baker, LLC.   He is the author of: The Healing of Jabez: How God Uses Pain to Bring Healing (Credo House Publishing, 2009).

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  1. Hey John, I have wanted to say thank you…and now is the time as I was led to this website…Suzy Petkus
    “Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name. I prayed these pages and lifted them up to the Lord the day after Christmas 2009…and healing is occurring in my life as he blesses my words along the way. Pg. 80 to 81 You know my pain inside and how I hurt. Help me to see truly the ways I may have caused this pain and how I need to repent. Help me also, to let go of the anger and bitterness it has caused me. In fact, Father, I release that anger and bitterness now. Lord, others have a part in bringing this pain upon me. Give them the grace to see the evil they have done and to repent as I have now decided not to hate or hold bitterness against them. I will forgive them when ever they ask. Let me be like Jabez. Let me be like Jesus.

    I also now decide to turn my pain into a source of blessing for myself and others through the pain you are healing me of. Help me to see and take every opportunity you give me to bless others. Thank you Amen.

    I praise God for the healing in my life … as the women at the empty tomb in Matt. 28

    I now know for sure, the Lord has forgiven the times of sinful actions, expressing myself through drinking wine, healing my fears of rejection from those I love.

    He is with me in passing on what I know to be true to the younger generation..and not be afraid, for perfect love casts out fears.

    Thank you John. Your sister in the Lord…Please send me 5 autographed books along with statement..or I can pick them up wherever…I have been meaning to call and now was the time to connect…so I look forward to giving them to my children.
    Sister Suzy

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