Education is Spiritual

In Church, Culture, Family, Scripture on October 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

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When the Apostle Paul addressed the men of Athens in the book of Acts he asserted our complete dependence on God; that everything in life is “in Him and through Him.” Yet, there are so many areas today where we forget to acknowledge God’s role if not ignore it.   Unfortunately, one such area commonly overlooked is the education of our children.

Michelle Miller is a home schooling mom and the author of Truth Quest History.

  1. Agreed! Everything relates back to the spiritual but we typically compartmentalize our own lives, then those of our kids. But lets not forget about college. That is where many loose their faith. I have seen too many kids educated in the faith, then tossed into a secular college where they flounder. That is where the real pressure is, and most of your influence has been cut off.

  2. The wisdom spoken on this issue goes right to the heart of our culture’s attitude and parent’s absence in education. Well stated and thank you for your committment to this issue Michelle.


  3. Who wouldn’t want to give their responsibilities over to someone willing to pick them up and see them accomplished? When we hand over the responsibility to train our children to someone else – they will not accomplish this task the same as we would. We are seeing this generation of young people begin to crack because we have tried to dip our children’s education into Christianity. Great analogy, Michelle. Time to lose the syncretism and be a peculiar (weird, odd) people. As parents, we may not be able to teach the brains of our children to be engineers or lawyers, but we can impact their hearts and spirits with truth and along the way find the knowledge that will help them fulfill the call of God on their lives!

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