Citizen’s Participation Act

In Culture, Current Events, General Interest on October 29, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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All across the country many states have enacted some version of the Citizens Participation Act, a law intended to protect grass-roots advocates and common citizens from the threat of legal action by big business. A recent case in Illinois demonstrates the weaknesses of this poorly written law as it is being flipped on its head and used by big businesses to intimidate a prolife advocacy group.

Tom Brejcha is President and Chief Counsel Thomas More Society, and Eric Scheidler is Executive Director for the Pro-Life Action League.

  1. I can assure you that Texas hasn’t enacted any antiSLAPP legislation. Last year, I was sued by a physician after filing complaints against him and testifying against him at an informal hearing at the Texas Board of Medicine. I had never heard of a SLAPP suit, until my attorney told me I was a victim of one. Honestly, I feel as though I’m living in a communist country where people are thrown in jail for voicing their opinion. How this is legal in this country is absolutely beyond me.

    The general public has no idea their First Amendment rights are under attack, that’s why it is so important to educate people about these lawsuits. Speech is not free in the state of Texas. In fact, it can be quite expensive.

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