Book: Paul on Trial

In Church, Culture, Scripture on November 20, 2009 at 11:08 pm

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The book of Acts, like the gospel of Luke, is written to someone referred to as: “most excellent Theophilus.” There are many differing explanations of who this may be—one common suggestion is that he is some sort of Roman official.

This feature is a conversation with John Mauck, a lawyer who believes Theophilus was a legal official in Rome, which leads him to conclude that the book of Acts is actually a legal brief.

Paul on Trial is published by Thomas Nelson and available through Amazon.com.

  1. Hello Mr Butler:

    I found this report facinating. It shines much needed light on the Book of Acts, if true. It is certainly a different genre of literature than any other book in the bible.
    I have passed this on to some friends who are studying the Gospel as a narrative within the entirety of scripture. Any cultural and language background adds to our understanding. A link:

    Thank You For your Faithfulness,

    In Christ,

    Duane Watts

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