Ministry Focus: Wycliffe International and HIV/AIDS

In Church, Culture, Current Events, Missions, Scripture, Testimonies on December 3, 2009 at 10:29 pm

Lydia Teera in Bwisi, Uganda

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Earlier this week was the annual observance of World AIDS Day. In recent years a lot of attention has been given to dealing with the wide-spread problem of HIV/AIDS in Africa—primarily focusing on prevention, medical advancements and education. While these programs have been successful in lowering the number of cases, they often fall short of dealing with the broad scope of the problem.

This feature reports on what Wycliffe International is doing to reach out to those suffering with HIV/AIDS and how they minister to the whole person in the process.

Guests include:

Robin Rempel, Uganda Literacy and Scripture Use Coordinator, Wycliffe
Lydia Teera, Uganda Missionary for Wycliffe International
Timothy Bandirana, Coordinator of the Bwisi Translation and Literacy Team for Wycliffe

The resource Konde’s Story is available online.


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