I Am Not Ashamed

In Church, Culture, Current Events, General Interest, Scripture on March 2, 2010 at 8:22 pm

Click here for today’s feature:

Earlier this week, Answers in Genesis unveiled a user-generated, online, bible resource at the annual National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Nashville, TN. It’s a part of a larger advertising campaign entitled: I Am Not Ashamed.

Guests include:

  • Mark Tilghman, President of Joseph David Advertising
  • Ken Ham, President of Answers in Genesis
  • Ben Wilt, Senior Director of Audio/Video Services for Answers in Genesis
  • Larry Ross, President of Larry Ross Communications
  • Shelby Bolt, Executive Director at Hilton Memorial Chapel (a Christian Retreat Center) in Woodbridge, VA
  1. Hi Mr. Butler;
    I listen up when your feature comes on PTA, because I like your reporting style, and the topics you report on. Feel free to pass that on.
    I like this idea of a video Bible using the talents of the whole church of God, or at least a cross section of the English speaking church. I have nothing against a Charleton Heston type reading of the Bible, I just would not buy one because I would not want to internalize the word of God in one man’s voice like that. Many different voices would avoid that problem.
    I’ll check out the link.

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