Study: The Social Costs of Pornography

In Church, Culture, Family on March 18, 2010 at 10:11 pm

Click here for Thursday’s feature:

Most of us as believers understand the scriptural and moral grounds against using and/or producing pornography. There is a growing body of research which suggests that the use of pornography — especially Internet pornography — can damage people of all ages, negatively impacting relationships, productivity, and happiness (confirming what many religious advocacy groups have been stating for years).

A new study from the Witherspoon Institute entitled: The Social Cost of Pornography details the growing list of social problems caused by pornography.

Today’s guests include:

Mary Eberstadt, Research Fellow with the Hoover Institution and a primary drafter of the Witherspoon Institute Study
Mary Anne Layden, Director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program at the Center for Cognitive Therapy, University of Pennsylvania

If you are interested in ministry resources for reaching out to those struggling with pornography addiction, click here.

Internet Extras:

Here is one part of the interview with Mary Eberstadt which wasn’t included in today’s feature on the use of the term “porn.”

Here is a portion of the interview with Mary Anne Layden which I couldn’t fit into today’s feature on what motivates pornography providers.

Here is a music video produced by one of my former students, Sam Sanchez. The video has been a powerful tool in convicting men secretly struggling with pornography and was featured in a CBS expose on Internet Pornography (viewer discretion advised):

  1. Thank for putting out some information on this. The videos seem very academic, which is refreshing.

    Their original paper drafts are still online:

  2. I pray the Church bring the power of the Scriptures to bear on all aspects of the problems highlighted by this study. We must not be ashamed to bring all of what the Word has to say about the nature of man, marriage, sexuality, psyche, family, law, and government’s responsibility if we are to bring hope, healing, and liberty. A recent discussion on “Politics of Pornorgraphy” takes a solid Christian view, exposing our culture’s protection of the libertine spirit (from grade school, to how we market products) and how the Gospel directly addresses it. It’s worth a listen: http://bit.ly/d2280u

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