Conversation: Dealing with the issue of Sexual Abuse

In Church, Culture, Testimonies on April 1, 2010 at 10:00 am

Sexual Abuse is certainly not an easy topic to explore and I do so with some trepidation and much prayer.  My guest is Dr. Andrew Schmutzer, a theologian and professor of Old Testament at the Moody Bible Institute.  He has written about this topic as theologian and as an adult survivor.

In 2009 he published an articled for the Journal of Spiritual Formation entitled: Sexual Abuse and Spiritual Formation: Embodiment, Community and Healing. These features are an attempt to work through many of the challenges facing the church of adequately responding to this issue and being a part in the healing of individuals broken by abuse.

I have included each of the five features as well as the complete 90-minute conversation with Dr. Schmutzer.

Click here for Monday’s Feature (Definitions and Prevalence):

Click here for Tuesday’s Feature (Effects of Sexual Abuse):

Click here for Wednesday’s Feature (Myths and Forgiveness):

Click here for Thursday’s Feature (Why Would God Allow this to Happen?):

Click here for Friday’s Feature (What the Church can Do):

Click here for the complete 90-minute conversation with Dr. Andrew Schmutzer:


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