Book: Discovery of Design

In Science on April 28, 2010 at 9:21 pm

Click here for Wednesday’s feature:

What does a firefly, a lobster’s eye, a dog’s paw and a young corn plant have in common? They all have inspired scientists and inventors to look at the world differently. This piece features a conversation on “elements of design from creation” with Dr. Donald DeYoung, Chairman of the Science and Math Department at Grace College, Winona Lake, IN.

In 2009 he coauthored Discovery of Design: Searching Out the Creator’s Secrets (Master Books).

To learn more about design from creation, visit the Discovery of Design website.

Interview Extras:

There are a number of design elements from the original that I wasn’t able to include in today’s feature:

The Feather and Velcro (1:50):

The Femur Bone and the Eiffel Tower (2:07):

The Beech Tree Leaf and Satellite Technology (1:46):

The Buckey Ball (2:36):


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