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Education is Spiritual

In Church, Culture, Family, Scripture on October 27, 2009 at 10:01 pm

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When the Apostle Paul addressed the men of Athens in the book of Acts he asserted our complete dependence on God; that everything in life is “in Him and through Him.” Yet, there are so many areas today where we forget to acknowledge God’s role if not ignore it.   Unfortunately, one such area commonly overlooked is the education of our children.

Michelle Miller is a home schooling mom and the author of Truth Quest History.

Fathers and Raising Godly Sons

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The Proverbs are full of instructions given by a father to his son.  Throughout the scriptures, its clear that there is a unique, God-given role for a father in the spiritual development of godly sons.  This feature with Michelle Miller, author of TruthQuest History, and Robert Lewis, author of Raising Modern Day Knights, takes a look at this important topic.

If you’d like to hear a lecture given by Michelle Miller on this topic for moms entitled: Mission Impossible, click here.

A few months ago Paul Vaughn spoke about developing a vision for raising godly boys.  Click here if you’d like to take a listen.