on location in Ghana, 2006

I graduated from Moody in 1993 and began working for Moody Radio in Chicago until 1999, when I began teaching radio broadcasting at the Moody Bible Institute.  I received my Masters degree in Communications from Northern Illinois University in 2003 in Historical Documentary Filmmaking.  And since June, 2008, I have been serving Prime Time America as a feature producer.

My broadcast philosophy:

Radio production must be Biblically and theologically informed so as to accurately and truthfully reflect the real order of things.  Whether dealing with a subject that is purely informational, or a topic that is deeply transformational, I strive to be uniquely Christian in my presentation so that I might lift high the scriptures, build up Christ’s body and most effectively bring God glory through all things.

From 1 Timothy 4:

“…give attention to reading, exhortation, to doctrine…meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all.  Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine.  Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you.”

  1. Twice in one week!!! First your piece on Moody Radio that so concisely laid out the path we have come down as well as the place we have come to. I am a Fundamentalist Christian. Small part romanticist fundy, larger parts sociological reactionist (a child of Jim Dobson) and especially theological/doctrinal soundness fundy. It is the early days of the movement that I most identify with… those days when church ‘leaders’ decided to play fast and free with historical truth to maintain unity… unity at all costs lest those Catholics over take us. Yesterday at Norm Koop’s church here in Woodstock Vermont, we listened to who nearby Dartmouth College student call that ‘Jonathon Edwards guy’, and we heard yet another call to embrace the whole counsel of God. We were challenged to hold on to a high view of the things of God, whether they reflect His wrath or His love, judgement or mercy. Thank you for your work. Many times over the years my wife and I have been unable to see our immediate struggles with the malaise of the modern church over against the broader horizon of church history. Many times being defined so accurately can make one feel over exposed and vulnerable, in this case we are helped by seeing yet again that we are closer than we often realize to God’s soveriegn will for our lives and that of course His will is unfolding exactly as it should. God’s richest blessing and peace be with you. Christopher

  2. […] Here is a link to an interview with Nathaniel Bluedorn and Joshua Phillips — they are discussing reading and children with Moody Radio announcer Paul Butler. […]

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